Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Connections to real life.

Dragnet's production designers were tasked with mimicking real life, which had it's own style and usually quite a bit of real-life clutter, er, character. Arizona real estate agent Leif Swanson has curated an amazingly exhaustive series on residential style from the 1950s through present-day.

His Design Through the Decades posts are particularly insightful and really a good look at some of the designs that the Dragnet team would have been replicating in a minimalistic way. He also sheds light on details that Dragnet (almost) never shows such as 1960's bathrooms.

Here are some photos from his blog that are representative of what surprises await you:

That ceiling fan is probably the only giveaway that this photo is from a house-for-sale.
Nearly spare enough to be populated with scale-paid Dragnet actors.

The cornice, drapery, and sculpted carpet is straight out of the sixties. 
It's so coordinated that it almost looks like an advertisement for sculpted carpet, heavy drapes, and cornices.

This orange-heavy front room even has a swag lamp!

I opted for front rooms because that's where they do most of the interviewing and exposition in Dragnet.

Architect Ralph Haver designed in Midcentury Modern and is also featured on Leif's blog. I was happy to learn more about "Haver Homes." They served as an answer to the post-war housing demand in a William Levitt-meets-Joseph Eichler sort of way.

A classy post-and-beam "Haver Home" from 1957.

From the commonplace to the luxurious, enjoy Leif Swanson's 'Ugly House Photos', you'll find it well curated and engrossing.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Coming soon: more Dragnet than you can stand.

Everyone Nods is set to launch on 12 January 2013 with the pilot, "The LSD Story". This will be the 46th birthday of the airing of the pilot.

Thereafter, every Saturday a new post will appear showcasing the show's production style, tropes, number of times we catch Joe Friday smoking a cigarette, everything we can find. Even instances of use of the word 'hinky'.

The posts will run in the order that the episodes aired.

Each post will list the credited cast (and uncredited, when possible), original air date, writer, set decorators, and art director.

Set your RSS rays to DragnetStyle.Blogspot.com

Suzy Dragnet

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This was the city.

Welcome to my new blog about the production, locations, recycled actors, and pretty much everything I enjoy about the four-season run of Dragnet in color (1967-70).

I like the black and white episodes as well, but the color series is the focus of my attention. I cannot promise that the black and white series will be absent. (Stay tuned for my assessment of the Christmas episode - the one in which the statue of baby Jesus gets kidnapped - as it is a remake of the 1951 episode.)

As in my Wonder Years Mom blog, I'll probably wind up throwing around some crass language.
Unlike The Wonder Years, I actually really like Dragnet.