Season One - 1967

Seventeen episodes of Dragnet were ordered for the first season.

All of the links in one handy place.

S1e1 - The Big LSD / The LSD Story / A Classic Trip with Blue Boy

S1e2 - The Big Explosion / The Neo-Nazi Story

S1e3 - The Big Kidnapping / Hanging out in a bank

S1e4 - The Big Interrogation / Trapped in a room with Kent McCord

S1e5 - The Big Masked Bandits / The Age-Inappropriate Marriage Story

S1e6 - The Big Bank Examiners / Fake Badge, Real Trouble

S1e7 - The Big Hammer / Beating people to death is a bad idea

S1e8 - The Big Candy Story / The Candy Store Robberies

S1e9 - The Big Fur Burglary / Henry Corden pointing up at things.

S1e10 - The Big Jade / Virginia Gregg is not a safecracker.

S1e11 - The Big Shooting / The Cop Killers Episode

S1e12 - The Big Accident / The Hit & Run Driver / Joe defends the lives of the elderly.

S1e13 - The Big Bookie / Bobby Troup's not a doctor…yet!

S1e14 - The Big Subscription Racket / The Jerry Dexter Show show /  'Custan makes me feel good

S1e15 - The Big Gun / The Ben Roy Yoder Mystery

S1e16 - The Big Kids / The Dragnet Monologues

S1e17 - The Big Bullet / Two Bullets, Actually.