Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barbecue Sauce!

In time for the Fourth of July, I present Bill Gannon's very own "top secret" recipe for barbecue sauce.

It's lifted from this coming Saturday's coverage of "The Big High" / Season two, episode eight.

It seems like if you have the munchies, this might be the right BBQ recipe for you.

Officer Bill Gannon's "Top Secret" Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Ingredient list:
1 quart ketchup
1 can red pepper (might he mean this kind?)
1 can hot mustard
1 quart vinegar
1 pound peeled chopped red peppers
1 small jar oregano
4-5 big cloves of fresh garlic
5 chopped bermuda onions
1 quart vanilla ice cream*

Chill a bowl large enough to hold the above listed ingredients.
With electric mixer, mix the ketchup. Add red pepper, hot mustard, vinegar, chopped red peppers, oregano, and garlic.
Mix well, continue mixing, add bermuda onions and vanilla ice cream.

*Gives it that "hard to tell what's in it" flavor.

If you have a little trouble with figuring out quarts and measures, do use this handy infographic.

"You put it on lamb and you never know it's lamb."
-Bill Gannon


  1. Well done, Harry. Rest in peace.

  2. Wouldnt the ice cream in the sauce burn on the bbq? Even if putting it on in the end. Anyone ever try this recipe?

    1. I've always wanted to, but I've never had the nerve. It's the vanilla ice cream. I guess you put it on after cooking and use it more like a condiment? I like to think this is Bill's way of messing with Joe.

  3. I am gonna try this. Although I am confused by the can of red peppers and oregano. Does he mean a can of roasted red peppers? Or does he mean red pepper flakes? Plus chopped red Peppers? And a whole jar oregano? Seems like alot but who am I to dispute Officer Bill Hammond. And I assume that everything gets blended

    1. "And I assume that everything gets blended"

      You mix, Joe, you mix.

  4. I am making this right now. I did it up in a blender. It tastes pretty good. Going to put this on chicken.