Saturday, June 15, 2013

"The Big Frustration" or "Road Trip to Big Bear"

This episode's recycled shots have some pretty rough film stock.

This episode is notable for having more Sergeant characters in a single episode than in any other episode of Dragnet, ever.

"This is the city-- Los Angeles, California. 
Translation: the city of the angels.
Three million people work and play here.
When you get that many people together, pressures can mount, and tempers wear thin and sometimes a halo slips. That's when I start earning my pay.
I carry a badge."

Checkered apartment block footage from as recently as the Kipp Hamilton episode.

This exiting-the-Police-Administration-Building footage is new for season two.

Very much a midcentury modern location:

A stitched-together pan of L.A. at night.

A recycled night driving shot; this is the Cluny scotch shot:

This soundstage is incredibly spare:

Gannon gets a treat:

They're driving Joe's personal car rather than their usual cruiser:

WHAT THE?! Some other family has moved into Gannon's house:

This shot tells us that the set guys re-tooled the rear walls, but the interior is 100% recycled from the very last episode:

I like that backdrop behind Gannon:

Off we go to Big Bear!

I feel like we need some road trip music.

Off we go to Big Bear

All our friends will be there

It's 1967, so no "big hair" - 

We're on our way to Big Bear!

The population in 2011 is just over 5,000.

A little stock footage, a little backlot.

Just look at this framing. An open fireplace and the officer we're looking for is framed in the center. That's pretty overt.

They zoom right into the logs!

Joe & Bill have to convince this overworked and drunk officer to pull it together and get back to work on the force.

That's one heck of a ski lodge. Jeepers. All the drum lampshades and side chairs that a girl could dream up.

I know, Gannon, that is a handsome drum lampshade growing out of your back:

Friday has horns growing out of his head:

Over his shoulder, on the left- the revenge of the lamp from the bank!

Might need to consult the Log Lady on this one.

Sgt. Carl Maxwell

Now returned to duty.

Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday
Harry Morgan as Off. Bill Gannon
John Lupton as Sgt. Carl Maxwell
Art Balinger as Capt. Brown
Len Wayland as Sgt. Al Maxwell
Grace Albertson as Mary Maxwell
Bill Williams as Sgt. Bill Riddle
Robert Patten as Sgt. Taylor Searcy
Alfred Shelly as Sgt. Frank Isbell
Lane Bradford as Champ Ridgely

Art Direction - Russell Kimball
Set Decor - John McCarthy and John Sturtevant
Written by Sidney Morse

Aired 19 October 1967.


  1. 1.) John Lupton is a seriously hard-assed looking guy. Central casting Marine.
    2.) That kid has the same ears as Lupton. Good casting choice.
    3.) Is this the episode with all the Volkswagens? I think it was. Bugs, Fastbacks, Squarebacks... there seems to be this weird preponderance of VWs on the streets. Check it out.
    4.) Speaking of cars, THAT'S what Joe Friday chose to buy as a personal car? I am underwhelmed.
    5.) Note the black gaffer tape around the can of whipped cream. No product placement!
    6.) Those bizarre flowers on the wall of the bakery - sheesh.

  2. YES.

    I may have watched the entire run once to see which episode had the most Beetles in it.

    This started because The Spousal Unit and I play slugbug when one shows up on TV.