Season Four - 1970

Twenty-six episodes of season four are coming up after the conclusion of Dragnet 1969.
Stay tuned Saturdays.

Most of these titles aren't tidy and descriptive the way they were in season one; they need a little help.
I'll see what I can do as I go.

S4e1 - Personel - The Shooting

S4e2 - Homicide - The Student

S4e3 - S.I.U. - The Ring

S4e4 - D.H.Q. - Medical

S4e5 - Burglary - Mister

S4e6 - Juvenile - The Little Pusher

S4e7 - Homicide - The Cigarette Butt

S4e8 - D.H.Q. - Missing Person

S4e9 - Burglary Auto - Courtroom

S4e10 - Internal Affairs - Parolee

S4e11 - Burglary Auto - Juvenile Genius

S4e12 - Bunco - $9,000

S4e13 - Narco - Missing Hype

S4e14 - Burglary - Helpful Woman

S4e15 - Homicide - Who Killed Who?

S4e16 - Burglary - The Son

S4e17 - A.I.D. - The Weekend

S4e18 - Narco - Pill Maker

S4e19 - Burglary - The Dognappers

S4e20 - Missing Persons - The Body
(One would think that season four, episode twenty would be a cautionary tale about dope, but I guess "420" wasn't a thing in 1970.)

S4e21 - Forgery - The Ranger

S4e22 - D.H.Q. - Night School

S4e23 - I.A.D. - The Receipt

S4e24 - Robbery - The Harassing Wife

S4e25 - Burglary - Baseball

S4e26 - D.H.Q. - The Victims


  1. Just watched "Burglary - Helpful Woman" (S4e14) tonight and I particularly enjoyed a scene where Friday answers a phone at headquarters, gives a "What's that address?" and an "Uh-huh" or two, hangs up, and then relays about 40 seconds of detailed information from a 10 second call. Classic! I know he's done this before, but this one was absurdly long.

    1. Yes! That is fantastic. One of the many things that make the show a thing of joy and wonder.

      Suzy Dragnet

  2. Great site Suzy! What a labor of love for a program that was both a bit campy, yet serious in its subject matter at the same time. Jack was the master of efficiency in establishment shots(a bit overused in a few episodes, but I love them as I always see some iconic landmark I remember as a kid growing up in El Lay) Also his efficiency in camera angles (Notice how Bill almost always exits out the passenger door in so many outdoor scenes, etc to avoid a second camera. Panned by his critics, he kept true to the style that made him famous. In the early 50's when he was on TV, Radio and working on film projects simultaneously, he was compared to Orson Welles in a biography I saw on A&E Biography channel some years back. I think the assessment was spot on and Jack would definitely appreciate the honor and comparison. I digress and back to my question for you and any viewers that want to chime in; Is it me or does one of the "extra' classmates at 19:25 in DHQ: Night School look very much like "Eb" (Tom Lester)from Green Acres? Thank you again for bringing back so many memories of my childhood. All the best,Blake