Season Two - 1968

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Twenty-eight episodes of Dragnet comprise the 1968 Season.

S2e1 - The Grenade / Mickey Sholdar: Mental Patient & Party Crasher

S2e2 - The Shooting Board / The One Where Joe Drops the Hammer

S2e3 - The Badge Racket / Undercover Bill & The Hotel Elsinore

S2e4 - The Bank Jobs / The Kipp Hamilton Episode

S2e5 - The Big Neighbor / Let's Go Home with Officer Gannon

S2e6 - The Big Frustration / Road Trip to Big Bear

S2e7 - The Senior Citizen / Burt Mustin: Old Time Cat Burglar

S2e8 - The Big High / Grass kills, in a roundabout way.

S2e9 - The Big Ad / Don Dubbins: Greeting Card Writer

S2e10 - The Missing Realtor / The One with Scatman Crothers

S2e11 - The Big Dog / A Thing in a Bag

S2e12 - The Pyramid Swindle / God Rest Your Soul, Horton

S2e13 - The Phony Police Racket / A NALE in the Coffin

S2e15 - The Christmas Story / The December episode.

S2e16 - The Big Shipment / Who's the big man?

S2e17 - The Big Search / How far can two little girls go in 18-20 minutes?

S2e18 - The Big Prophet / Three guys talking in a room. Forever.

S2e19 - The Big Amateur / Maybe he's a ding-a-ling.

S2e20 - The Starlet / To whom it may concern

S2e21 - The Big Clan / Joe Smokes Fatima

S2e22 - The Little Victim / Three's a crowd, unfortunately.

S2e23 - The Squeeze / George Fox Questioned By Cops / Shut the door. Have a seat.

S2e24 - The Suicide Attempt (Aired out of order after S2e19.) / L'architecte Suicidal

S2e25 -  Big Departure / Sgt. Friday's Lonely Hearts Club Band (of thieves!)

S2e26 - The Investigation / Bill & Joe's Excellent Adventure

S2e27 - The Big Gambler / The Most Forgettable Episode Ever

S2e28 - The Big Problem / The One With Chief Reddin

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