Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Big Bookie or Bobby Troup's not a doctor...yet!

This is the city.

A panning sequence that should be pretty familiar to us at this point.

Guess what! This one's about Bookies! Whatever that means!

The bookmaker can write it on a tabletop and then wash the figures off with that sponge:

Also: the bookmaker may use "flash paper" as seen in this "flash in the pan" sequence:

OK! Bill and Joe are at a lodge breakfast meeting in this one:

...Drinking joe...

and Smokin' Joe!

It's that chaplain character!

OK back to the PAB soundstage:


Yay! It's Art Gilmore!

And that chaplain character that they just introduced.
Lookin' smug! And "hinky" is in his dialogue.

Quintessential: A rolling shot of a mustang, actual Los Angeles, and a billboard.

Pretty solid establishing shot, if it doesn't sit still.

Actually, they are in this restaurant soundstage that will get recycled a number of times.

Bobby Troup is our waiter in the red jacket! Again!

Joe undercover as "Joe Frazier". 

"One draft, one rye."

Bobby Troup: Bookie today, Doctor tomorrow.

Gannon pretends to drive:

"Joe's a nice round-headed single boy."

Oh-oh! It's a cameo by Sidney Miller! He's here to give some comic relief and is a total mis-match to sit across from Joe.

"Thank you for your hospatlity!"

Back to the street where we were earlier...

And another pretend driving sequence:

That's not the same exterior establishing shot!

So, a widowed bartender with a sick daughter that's low on cash. 

A really clear "Etlin Realty" sequence:

It's standing in for the route to the SFV.

Pretty good interior: sconce, table lamp, tuxedo couch.

They shoved everything off of the table so he couldn't burn the papers. Rude, but effective.

They didn't use the traditional title cards for this episode.
Bobby Troup got sent back to Pennsylvania. 

William Reynolds as Sergeant William Riddle, a police chaplain.
Luana Patten as Angie, a waitress.
Sidney Miller as Jay Simmons, comic relief.
Bobby Troup as Richard Clinger, a bartender full of sorrow.
Art Gilmore as Captain Harry Nelson, Joe's boss.

Art Direction - Russell Kimball
Set Decor - John McCarthy & Ralph Sylos
Written by Preston Wood

Aired 13 April 1967

Same day:
President LBJ wrote in his diary, a pretty good snapshot of his day.
Speaking of national leaders - the president of Nicaragua died, ending his dictatorship.
In the music world, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Nancy Sinatra began their four weeks at number one with "Somethin' Stupid." (Slightly edgier than The Carpenters, but no less irritating to me.)

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  1. If you go to Google maps, address 5940 Laurel Canyon Blvd., you will find the location of the Etlin Realty. The arrow sign is still there, but now says Savon Collective, which is (or was) a cannabis clinic. Bet Joe never saw that coming.