Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baddies of Season One

Actors appearing in season one of Dragnet (1966-67) in that shot after the final commercial break, but before the bright red credits rolled.

Series-wide costume supervisor Vincent Dee is in charge of what makes these shots really special - costume. Click for more detail.

Out of the 31 people's cases presented in Dragnet 66-67, one died of overdose, two are/were on death row, two are/were serving life sentences in San Quentin, 19 were serving various prison sentences at various state prisons, one went on to receive the LAPD's valor award, two moved or were sent away from California, one was forbidden to ever drive a car (and they do mean ever), a couple were fined $500, and one was sent to a state mental hospital.

 74% of these actors portrayed prisoners.

The great thing about Dragnet's recycling of actors is that some of them become repeat offenders...we will see them in future instances of Dragnet Yearbook.

Stay tuned, of course, for Dragnet Class of 67-68.

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