Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hey, you.
New comprehensive blogs don't pop up every day. Let's share.


Did you say, "comprehensive blog?" he inquires, through bared teeth. Barking so close to my ear.
"Why, yes,"  I say - under my breath - "I know another lady blogger." He won't release his grip on my hair. His arm is like iron. I am sweating into the sleeve of his shirt and blinking from behind crooked glasses. He won't remove the tip of the knife blade from the flesh of my neck.
"TELL ME ABOUT THE LADY BLOGGER!" he furiously demands.
(In my ear. Thanks a lot. Ow.)
"You think she has really has something, don't you? You think she's worth checking out, don't you?"
 With caution I nod, carefully to avoid being cut and breathlessly gasp my answer - "Yes. I do."

The great panic is over. The two heave a sigh and release to an immediately more relaxed posture.
My mouth tastes metallic so I bite into a doughnut.

"Can we not do it that way next time?" I ask through bites.
He kicks at the floor tile and folds the knife, slipping it back into his pocket. "Yeah. Everybody at Krispy Kreme is staring," he sighs, sips his coffee. We hug.

"And, 'scene.'"

Now, let me tell you about a fascinating new look at Adam-12:

First,  look at this amazing still of Martin Milner 
(you know, from the crossover episode!) - 

- Then go investigate
***True stories by Rita Malloy - a totally awesome new lady blogger!***
Let's give her lots of "Everyone Nods" love! 

See who is waiting for us there? This is going to be great.

See you there,
Suzy Dragnet


  1. Thank you, Suzy! This is wonderful! I'm happy to welcome all of the cross-over fans!

  2. Hey, Suzy! I did one for you, hope you like it!

  3. First off, glad to see you're still around! Secondly, thank you for turning us onto Lincoln X-Ray Ida!

  4. Thanks for your blog AND sending me to LXI. Her entry for you had me laughing out loud.

    Keep it up,


  5. Come back, Suzy Dragnet! We miss you.