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Episodes of Dragnet Organized by Author of Episode

Who wrote your favorite Dragnet episode?

Who was your favorite Dragnet writer?

     Jack E. Barrett

S3 e24 -  (with James Doherty)
S4 e09 -

     Richard L. Breen

S2 e15 - The Christmas Story / The December Episode
Pilot     - World Premiere: Dragnet / Dragnet 1966

     Jerry Cohen

S3e08 -  (with James Doherty)  / Public Affairs - DR-12 / Secret Service!

     Robert C. Dennis

S1 e02 - The Big Explosion  / The Neo-Nazi Story
S1 e08 - The Big Candy Story / The Candy Store Robberies
S2 e01 - The Grenade / Mickey Sholdar: Mental Patient & Party Crasher
S2 e03 - The Badge Racket / Undercover Bill & the Hotel Elsinore
S2 e04 - The Bank Jobs / The Kipp Hamilton Episode
S2 e05 - The Big Neighbor / Let's Go Home With Officer Gannon
S2 e10 - The Missing Realtor / The One With Scatman Crothers
S2 e20 - The Starlet / To Whom It May Concern
S2 e24 - The Suicide Attempt / L'architecte Suicidal
S2 e26 - The Investigation / Bill & Joe's Excellent Adventure
S3 e02 - Juvenile - Dr-05 / Om Mani Padme Hum
S3 e06 - Homicide - Dr-06 / Joe's Apartment
S3 e09 - Training - Dr -19 / The Susan Seaforth Episode
S3 e20 - (with James Doherty)
S4 e03 -
S4 e04 -
S4 e16 -
S4 e20 -
S4 e25 -

     James Doherty

S3 e04 - Management Services - DR-11 / Martin Luther King, Jr. / Emergency Control Center
S2 e07 - Robbery DR-15 / Riding the Desk
S3 e08 - (with Jerry Cohen) / Public Affairs - DR-12 / Secret Service!
S3 e12 -
S3 e14 -
S3 e15 -
S3 e17 -
S3 e20 - (with Robert C. Dennis)
S3 e22 -
S3 e24 - (with Jack E. Barrett)
S3 e26 -
S3 e27 -
S4 e06 -

     Michael Donovan

S2 e21 - The Big Clan / Joe Smokes Fatima
S2 e28 - The Big Problem / The One With Chief Reddin
S4 e01 -
S4 e10 -
S4 e11 -
S4 e13 -
S4 e14 -
S4 e15 -
S4 e19 -
S4 e23 -
S4 e26 -

     Alf Harris

S3 e03 - Community Relations - Dr-10 / East L.A. Graduates Union / Officer Dave: Badge 4868
S3 e10 - Public Affairs - Dr-14 / Community Action!
S3 e13 -
S4 e07 -
S4 e08 -
S4 e18 -
S4 e24 -

     Robert Holt

S3 e05 - Police Commission - Dr - 13 / Wildcatters! / Robert I. Holt vs. Dragnet

     Henry Irving

S1 e07 - The Big Hammer / Beating people to death is not a good idea
S1 e14 - The Big Subscription Racket / The Jerry Dexter Show show / 'Custan makes me feel good.
S1 e15 - The Big Gun / The Ben Roy Yoder Mystery
S2 e07 - The Senior Citizen / Burt Mustin: Old Time Cat Burglar
S2 e11 - The Big Dog / A thing in a bag.
S2 e13 - The Phony Police Racket / A NALE in the coffin
S2 e19 - The Big Amateur / Maybe he's a ding-a-ling.

     Don Kilburn

S4 e12 -
S4 e21 -

     Norman Lessing

S2 e12 - The Pyramid Swindle / God rest your soul, Horton.

     Jerry D. Lewis

S2 e23 - The Squeeze / George Fox Questioned by Cops / Shut the door. Have a seat.

     Charles A. McDaniel

S2 e9 - The Big Ad / Don Dubbins: Greeting Card Writer

     Dick Morgan

S4 e22 -

     Richard Neil Morgan

S4 e17 -

    Sidney Morse

S2 e06 - The Big Frustration / Road Trip to Big Bear
S2 e14 - The Trial Board / Bully Boy

     William O'Hallaren

S1 e06 - The Big Bank Examiners / Fake Badge, Real Trouble
S1 e10 - The Big Jade / Virginia Gregg is not a safecracker

     Burt Prelutsky

S3 e01 - Public Affairs - Dr-07 / The Speak Your Mind Show show
S3 e11 - Narcotics Dr-16 / The Smarteens!
S3 e16 -
S3 e19 -
S3 e21 -
S3 e23 -
S3 e25 -
S4 e05 -

     John Randolph (Jack Webb)

S1 e01 - The LSD Story / A classic trip with Blue Boy.

     John Robinson

S1 e17 - The Big Bullet / Two Bullets, Actually.

     Jack Smith

S4 e2 -

     Robert Soderberg

S2 e17 - The Big Search (with Preston Wood) / How far can two little girls get in 18-20 minutes?
S2 e22 - The Little Victim / Three's a crowd, unfortunately.
S2 e27 - The Big Gambler / The most forgettable episode ever.

     David H. Vowell

S1 e05 - The Big Masked Bandits / The Age-Inappropriate Marriage Story
S1 e09 - The Big Fur Burglary / Henry Corden pointing up at things.
S1 e11 - The Big Shooting / The Cop Killers Episode
S1 e12 - The Big Accident / The Hit & Run Driver / Joe defends the lives of the elderly.
S1 e16 - The Big Kids / The Dragnet Monologues
S2 e02 - The Shooting Board / The one where Joe drops the hammer
S2 e08 - The Big High / Grass kills, in a roundabout way.
S2 e16 - The Big Shipment / Who's the big man?
S2 e18 - The Big Prophet / Three guys talking in a room. Forever.

     Preston Wood

S1 e03 - The Kidnapping / Hanging around in a bank
S1 e04 - The Big Interrogation / Trapped in a room with Kent McCord
S1 e13 - The Big Bookie / Bobby Troup's not a doctor… yet.
S2 e17 - The Big Search (with Robert Soderberg) / How far can two little girls get in 18/20 minutes?
S2 e25 - The Big Departure / Sgt. Friday's Lonely Hearts Club Band (of thieves!)
S3 e18 -

(Current up to S3e11)-SD

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